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Elegant and efficient solutions for all your desires related to designing, managing, supervising and evaluating all manner of real estate.


Founded in 1994 from the roots of a strong tradition, KLing Inc. is synonymous with success in the fields of construction, project supervision and real estate valuation in Croatia.

Responding to strong market demand, Kling Inc. has since expanded its business portfolio to include project design and management. With a decade of experience in these ventures, project design and management are now a core aspects of Kling Inc. services.



We facilitate the design, construction and supervision for the construction of buildings. In cooperation with our many partners in electrical and mechanicals expertise, we are pleased to offer comprehensive supervision services from the foundation of your project to its completion.


Kling Inc. offers business expertise in the production of conceptual drawings and detailed design projects in all matters of civil engineering, including as-built projects, condominium subdivisions, energy efficiency renovation projects for public and multi-apartment buildings as well as demolition.


Our professional project management services include consultation for creation of project documentation, monitoring the dynamics of project realization and more.


Amongst our many work appraisals, we draw attention to our real estate valuations for cities, municipalities, commercial banks and hotels.